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1 Book Hans Ringstrom Cauchy problem in general relativity 13/Dec/2017 026229
2 Book Fridolin Weber Pulsars as astrophysical laboratories for nuclear and particle physics 10/Dec/2017 026228
3 Book Robin Nixon Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With JQuery, CSS & HTML5 20/Nov/2017 026222
4 Book Scott Oaks Java performance: The Definitive Guide, Getting the most out of your code 20/Nov/2017 026223
5 Book Winston Chang R graphics cookbook 20/Nov/2017 026226
6 Book Dan Sanderson Programming google app engine with java: Buil & Run Scaleble Java Apps on Google's Infrastructure 20/Nov/2017 026221
7 Book Matthew Kirk Thoughtful machine learning: A Test-Driven Aproach 20/Nov/2017 026224
8 Book Hadley Wickham R packages: Organize, Test, Document, and Share Your Code 20/Nov/2017 026225
9 Book Richard Cotton Learning R 20/Nov/2017 026227
10 Book Rajeshwari Dutta Multi - wavelength spectroscopic study of cold gas in external galaxies 17/Nov/2017 D00098
11 Book Prasanta Bera Strongly magnetized degenerate stars 17/Nov/2017 D00100
12 Book Anirban Ain Sources of gravitational waves and efficient observation with laser interferometric detectors 17/Nov/2017 D00099
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