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 #  Item Type Author Title AccnDate Accession#
13 Book by Jacob W. Leachman, Richard T Jacobsen, Eric W. Lemmon, Steven G. Penoncello Thermodynamic Properties of Cryogenic Fluids 06/Sep/2017 X00016
14 Book by James Matthews Disc Winds Matter 06/Sep/2017 X00020
15 Book by Pierre Deymier, Keith Runge Sound Topology, Duality, Coherence and Wave-Mixing 06/Sep/2017 X00023
16 Book by Sarah Elizabeth Morgan Ultrafast Quantum Effects and Vibrational Dynamics in Organic and Biological Systems 06/Sep/2017 X00025
17 Book by Oliver James Pike Particle Interactions in High-Temperature Plasmas 06/Sep/2017 X00030
18 Book by Sumanta Chakraborty Classical and Quantum Aspects of Gravity in Relation to the Emergent Paradigm 06/Sep/2017 X00035
19 Book by Shun-Qing Shen Topological Insulators 06/Sep/2017 X00046
20 Book by Takuro Sato Transport and NMR Studies of Charge Glass in Organic Conductors with Quasi-triangular Lattices 06/Sep/2017 X00048
21 Book edited by Mauro F. Pereira, Oleksiy Shulika THz for CBRN and Explosives Detection and Diagnosis 06/Sep/2017 X00045
22 Book Tim W. Dornis Trademark and Unfair Competition Conflicts 06/Sep/2017 X00010
23 Book by Marion Dolan Astronomical Knowledge Transmission Through Illustrated Aratea Manuscripts 06/Sep/2017 X00013
24 Book by Ren?? Moreau Air and Water 06/Sep/2017 X00042
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