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 #  Item Type Author Title AccnDate Accession#
37 Book by Yican Wu Fusion Neutronics 06/Sep/2017 X00047
38 Book by Ugo Bardi The Seneca Effect 06/Sep/2017 X00015
39 Book edited by Idir Bouarar, Xuemei Wang, Guy P. Brasseur Air Pollution in Eastern Asia: An Integrated Perspective 06/Sep/2017 X00021
40 Book by Anne Zilles Emission of Radio Waves in Particle Showers 06/Sep/2017 X00027
41 Book by Dennis F. Vanderwerf The Story of Light Science 06/Sep/2017 X00040
42 Book Jon Duckett HTML & CSS : Design and build websites 01/Sep/2017 PP0021
43 Book Jon Duckett Javascript & Jquery: Interactive front-end web development 01/Sep/2017 PP0022
44 Book Pramod J. Sadalage NoSQL distilled : A brief guide to the emerging world of polyglot persistence 01/Sep/2017 PP0020
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